I maintain a very active and simultaneously very broad research agenda. Embedded within all areas of my research are how we can utilize appropriate quantitative methods to understand complex phenomena. Much of current work is centered on parasitology and vector biology in the context of One Health, the multivariate intersection of human medicine, animal medicine, and the environment.

Public Health

Investigations in population health related to chronic and infectious diseases, with special emphasis on quantitative methodology and use of large databases

Medical Entomology & Parasitology

Applied research, field work, and laboratory investigations in arthropod-borne and parasitic diseases, including population-based estimation of disease burden and the intersection of medical entomology and forensic science

Quantitative Ecology

Applications of quantitative methods to address problems in the environmental and ecological sciences – for example Bayesian models for estimating avian fatality around wind turbines, mark-recapture sampling of wildlife population, and geospatial techniques and radiotelemetry

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Applications of statistics and epidemiological principles to problems in the health sciences – for example clinical trials, multivariate models, and population sampling strategies


Applications of statistics to problems in the psychological sciences – for example randomized controlled trials for interventions and pattern recognition for finding clusters of patients with shared pathology